Youth Windband Weekend

Bandwise! is an annual large scale weekend playing workshop and concert especially designed for young windband players. Our Bandwise events help to build confidence, speed up progress and provide young players with valuable wind band experience.

We cater to all ages and abilities, playing a great variety of music, from classics to pop. Bandwise! provides the opportunity to play a wide variety of music, take part in a range of ensembles and bands and amazing concerts all in a fun, relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Over two hundred players take part and the course is divided into three bands:

Bandwise 1Associated Board grades 1 – 2
Bandwise 2Associated Board grades 3 – 4
Bandwise 3Associated Board grades 5 and above

Bandwise! is an annual event which takes place every Spring. There are no auditions! The children are carefully supervised and the bands are conducted by specialist leaders. Music and practice CD’s are sent out in advance of the course.

What the parents say:

“Thank you to everyone involved…just a few months ago my daughter was on the verge of giving up flute lessons because all she could see ahead was the grades treadmill … now she can see how great it is to be part of a huge group of musicians, and can’t wait for next year”

“A big thank you to everyone involved in organising the Bandwise course this year. This was my son’s first time playing in a band and he found it a fantastic experience. I still don’t know how you managed to coordinate such a vast number of youths of all ages!”

“My children thoroughly enjoyed Bandwise and we thought the concert was excellent.”

“Many thanks for organising such a wonderful concert, we all enjoyed it enormously!”

“What a wonderful weekend it was and what a marvellous job you all did. You really inspired my son and his friends and it was such a pleasure to help out and see how they progressed and grew in confidence. Thank you so much”

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