About Us

Music for Everyone is an independent educational charity with over thirty years’ experience in devising and running innovative music participation events across Nottingham and the East Midlands. We run an extensive programme of adult and youth participatory events as well as an exciting series of concerts.  Click ‘What’s On’ at the top of the page to find out more.

Covering an unusually wide range of activities and participants, our work:

  • opens up music making to people of all ages – from 6 to 86
  • creates music making opportunities for over 1800 participants each year
  • caters for all abilities in an atmosphere of inclusiveness
  • works across the community, including schools and youth projects, and linking to sports and health initiatives.

As well as having a small and dedicated staff, Music for Everyone has over 400 subscribing members who regularly take part in core parts of our programme, 200 friends who support the organisation within their communities and through financial assistance and about 200 volunteers who do a huge range of work for the organisation from running vital parts of the programme to assisting at events.  We also run a Patrons Scheme supported by a number of local businesses and private individuals, with major sponsorships-in-kind from Nottingham Trent University

A recent grant from the Arts Council East Midlands for organisational redevelopment is enabling us to grow our organisational infrastructure, so that we can expand our programme of outreach activities.  We are now actively seeking new groups to work with, further partnerships and like-minded agencies to join us in designing and delivering imaginative approaches to music-making for more diverse groups of singers and players, and broaden the beneficial social outcomes of our work.  For example, recent activities have involved a Central Education Improvement Partnership project in schools in Radford, Nottingham, and an Ashfield District Council project for secondary school pupils ‘Sing the Shows’ in the North Nottinghamshire ex-coalfield area.

“What a great opportunity NCT and now Music For Everyone has given to my children and to others we know. Both of my children are now involved and my daughter has been involved for a few years, at the choral and now instrumental events…MFE is one good reason to live in or around Nottingham.”

“Thankyou for giving so many of us the joy of singing.”

Brief History

Music for Everyone was originally formed as the Nottingham Choral Trust in 1983 by Angela Kay, its Artistic Director.  The first choral weekend for adults was devoted to the Verdi Requiem with a choir of two hundred and a performance in Nottingham’s Royal Concert Hall.

The founding aim was to promote weekend choral courses and concerts for singers from all walks of life in the Nottingham area. Committed from the beginning to an imaginative and adventurous approach to choral music, the work of the Trust has developed rapidly since then. Today Music for Everyone has eleven performing groups, both adult and youth, choral and instrumental, involving over one thousand participants. We also present a varied programme of high quality concerts per season.