Big Youth Music Experience

Youth Windband & String Weekend

The Big Youth Music Experience is a twice-annual large scale weekend playing workshop and concert especially designed for young windband and string players. Our youth events help to build confidence, speed up progress and provide young players with valuable wind band and string orchestra experience.

We cater to all ages and abilities, playing a great variety of music, from classics to pop. The Big Youth Music Experience provides the opportunity to play a wide variety of music, take part in a range of ensembles and bands and amazing concerts all in a fun, relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Over one hundred players take part and the course is divided into five groups:

Bandwise 1Associated Board grades 2 – 5
Bandwise 2Associated Board grades 5 and above
Stringwise 1Associated Board grades 0 – 1
Stringwise 2Associated Board grades 2 – 4
Stringwise 3Associated Board grades 5 and above

The Big Youth Music Experience is an annual event which takes place twice a year, in the Autumn and the Spring. There are no auditions! The children are carefully supervised and the groups are conducted by specialist leaders. Music and practice tips are sent out in advance of the course.