#MfEMonday – National Anthems from around the World

With this week seeing the start of the 2019 Rugby World Cup (did you see England play yesterday?!) here are some interesting facts about some of the National Anthems you might come across!

National anthems are generally played on national holidays, but it was Wales who were the first country to start the close connection with sporting events, during a rugby game against New Zealand in 1905.

Mexico – in 1853, Mexico held a contest to see who could write the most inspiring poem to serve as the lyrics for their official national anthem. A poet’s girlfriend tried to get him to enter, but he wasn’t interested, so she locked him in a room filled with pictures of scenes from Mexican history until he came up with something. His ten verse poem went on to become the national anthem and the girlfriend went on to become the wife!

France – while lots of national anthems are about the glory of a nationhood or liberation, ‘La Marseillaise’ should come with a parental warning with gory references to blood soaked flags and soldiers slitting throats… nice.

Japan (hosts of the Rugby World Cup) – ‘Kimigayo’ is one of the oldest anthems in the world with lyrics dating back to (somewhere) around 800. A short and operatic anthem, this tune uses a pentatonic scale. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=29FFHC2D12Q

Switzerland – the ‘Swiss Psalm’ has different lyrics for each of the countries four official languages: French, German, Italian and Romansh.

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  • Have you ever heard of a Hornucopian dronepipe? Or (my personal favourite) the Hyperbass Flute? Yes that’s right, they’re all instruments! Weird ones, but instruments none the less… click here to see the 13 weirdest musical instruments ever (electronic badger anyone?)

Have a good week!

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