#MfEMonday – 6th March 2023

As you know, Music for Everyone is currently celebrating its 40th Anniversary season. Founded in 1983 by Angela Kay, the Nottingham based music charity has long championed the voices of women within the field of music and performance. When we made the connection that our concert this weekend would fall in the week that we celebrate International Women’s Day, (Wednesday 8th March) we wanted to celebrate some lesser-known female composers, whose works have often been underrepresented in established anthologies in the genre of sacred choral composition.

Come and join us as we celebrate women in music at St Martin’s Church, Sherwood: https://www.music-for-everyone.org/event/march-ncs/

Today we are musing on the INCREDIBLE Big Youth Music Experience concert yesterday at Nottingham’s Albert Hall, featuring over 160 young musicians and an amazing joint performance of ‘Feeling Good’. Here are some photos!

  • Flutes in Art History:  Major Find by SAM Flutes Member.

Did you know that famous Derby painter Joseph Wright was a flute player? SAM flutes member Carol Craggs discovered that when she acquired a bound set of the flute duets he used to play in the 1770s with his Derby friend, Rev Thomas Gisborne.  When fellow SAM flutes member Martin Gorman mentioned the duets in a blog article it was spotted by author Dr Stephen Leach of Keele University. He has recently written a book on Joseph Wright and acknowledged their help in identifying for the first time the music that Wright and Gisborne played together. Everyone had assumed the music was burned along with old family papers after Wright’s death. Dr Leach lists Carol’s collection of duets and  is looking into the possibility of getting some of the music performed at the Joseph Wright Gallery in Derby.

Have a great week!

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