#MfEMonday – 17th January 2022

Good News! We have decided to go ahead with the Festival Chorus singing course and concert – Choral and Opera Classics.

It will now take place over just one day, Saturday February 5th at the Albert Hall in Nottingham.  The programme will include extracts from Mendelssohn’s Elijah, Fauré’s Requiem and Haydn’s Creation. Full details can be found on our website and we still have places available. If you would like to come along and have a good sing of this super music then please visit: https://www.music-for-everyone.org/event/nfc-course-weekend/ or telephone 0115 9589312 for more information.

At MfE, we have developed a special partnership with the brain injury charity ‘Headway’. As part of our warm-ups at Headway (and often in our weekly community singing groups), we work hard to bring the two sides of our brains together by performing well-known ‘Brain Gym’ exercises. Singing stimulates multiple areas of the brain at the same time. This may enable people with an impairment in one part of the brain to communicate using other areas of their brain. Singing can also prolong the sounds in each word, which may make it easier to pronounce them.

If you want to sharpen up your focus and oxygenate your blood; singing, breathing and brain gym are great ways to do this. Have a go at some of the 15 exercises featured here, and see if they improve your day!! https://www.stylecraze.com/articles/simple-brain-gym-exercises-and-its-benefits/

PS. We also know that if you play a musical instrument or enjoy reading or listening to music, then you are stimulating that same part of your brain, so you don’t have to be a singer to enjoy this!

PPS. Thanks to those of you who have emailed in to enquire about volunteering within our singing sessions, Rachel will be in touch shortly as she was unwell last week.

  • Classic FM have launched a new series for their 30th year anniversary called Inner Harmony, focussing on well-being and the power of classical music – hosted by Dr Alex George, the UK Youth Mental Health Ambassador. Take a listen on Sundays from 9pm!

Have a good week!

Your friends at MfE.



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