#MfEMondays – 1st November 2021

We hope you have all had a good half term break. We don’t have much to report this week except to say we’re looking forward to seeing you all at the various groups and rehearsals coming up.

Rehearsals are back again for Daytime Voices, Daytime Orchestras, Open Voices and the youth bands this week – see you there!

With Halloween still fresh in our minds, we take a look at what elements makes a spine-tingling horror film score. Shrieking violins? The ghostly wobble of a theremin? The skeletal sounds of a xylophone? These six fangtastic soundtracks have got it all! So, go and get yourself some popcorn and a cushion to hide behind….

Psycho: Bernard Herrman.

Who can forget those iconic violin stabs – made all the more terrifying by matching the action on screen?

Rosemary’s Baby: Krzysztof Komeda

Komeda set a beautiful but creepy lullaby waltz at the heart of this score.  The message here seemed to be: the nicer something seems, the scarier it will turn out to be…

The Exorcist: Mike Oldfield

Mike Oldfield’s “Tubular Bells,” became one of cinema’s most iconic horror movie soundtracks and a smash hit in its own right. Oldfield later joked: “I’m the godfather of scary movie music.”

The Omen: Jerry Goldsmith

As 1970s horror fests go, The Omen was right up there for chill factor and earned Jerry Goldsmith the only scoring Oscar of his illustrious career. The lead track features the ominous chant, “Sanguis bibimus, corpus edimus, tolle corpus Satani,” or, “We drink the blood, we eat the flesh, raise the body of Satan.”  Yuck.

Jaws: John Williams

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water…..  Williams produced a soundtrack that gave a whole generation a fear of sharks and sparks an immediate sense of panic whenever it is played. Williams explained he wanted the song to be “grinding away at you, just as a shark would do, instinctual, relentless, unstoppable”.

Right, you can come out from behind the sofa now!

Have a good week!

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