#MfEMonday – Virtual singing and playing

Here at MFE we are hoping that you are coping with the extremely strange times we are all experiencing at the moment. It is very odd to have no weekly groups running and we are sure, for those of you who participate in them, very sad not to be able to not have your usual musical rehearsal. That is why we are looking at ways of continuing to make music virtually with you all. We hope most of you have seen Angela’s video on You Tube, if not, here’s the link to watch it –


We will continue to update you as we produce other videos for you to watch and hopefully sing or play along to. However, we are sure some of you will be making music at home either with your families or on your own. If you’d like to send a photo of what you’ve been doing via email and are happy to share with others in MFE, we can then post them online. We feel it is really important that we try and maintain a sense of community in these days of isolation.

Monday March 30th is a date with a number of national days associated with it. Not only is it Doctor’s Day, whom we are sure everyone would want to celebrate and take a moment to thank the fantastic job doctors (and all other health workers) are doing at the moment, it is also Pencil Day!

For those of you who have been associated with MFE (or NCT, as it was originally) for any length of time you will know that the humble pencil is an essential part of any musician’s toolkit. We know that many of you prize your MFE pencils, denoting which courses or concerts you have participated in and some of you have quite a sizeable collection. We wondered who has the most number of MFE pencils and if anyone has one from the first NCT course, the Verdi Requiem in 1983? Do let us know.

Have a good week!

Your friends at MfE.



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