#MfEMonday – on a Tuesday!


Hello everyone,

First of all, I’m sorry this ‘Keeping in Touch’ email is arriving in your mailbox a day late – my fault – just slipped my mind to press the button to get it sent out to you all!

Last week saw the annual MfE staff and office helpers SUMMER PICNIC.  This tradition was started almost 15yrs ago and goes ahead no matter what the weather (I particularly remember a very soggy occasion in West Bridgford Park!) and Wollaton Park has been the venue for the past few years.  The number of people coming along has gradually been augmented by the arrival of various children and grandchildren!

The picnic is usually rounded off by a game of football, rounders or cricket and here are a few photos of this year’s cricket match.  Our general manager, Su is helping her little girl, Lucy to bat and some of my grandsons are in the field!

So with the picnic last week and the MfE Summer School next week I feel that Summer has well and truly arrived!

Enjoy the sun.

With all best wishes


Have a good week!

Your friends at MfE.



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