#MfEMonday – Instruments and the Elements

With Storm Ciara sweeping through the East Midlands yesterday, we’ve been having a look at various ways the elements have been used to create music.

The singing ringing tree is a 3 metre tall musical sculpture made from steel pipes, swirled to form the shape of a tree. The pipes are blown by the wind and produce a melodious hum covering several octaves with a simultaneously discordant and melancholy sound.

The Aeolian Harp is made up of a small wooden box with a sounding board and strings attached to 2 bridges. Small ones can often be found outside windows or in gardens to enjoy the ‘ghostly’ tunes plucked by the wind! There are several slightly bigger versions, for example, this one in San Francisco stands at 27 feet tall! Have a listen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CtzSm76ppS4 

For those that enjoy a good science fact, the wind plays the harp by creating little spirals of air called vortices that move to either side making oscillations. The strings of an aeolian harp are tuned to the same note, which means these will vibrate only when the wind’s  frequency of the oscillation matches the frequency of the string tuning. In other words, an aeolian harp will only make sound for a particular wind speed.

Have a good week!

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