#MfEMonday – Fundraising and the Planets

A big THANK YOU to the Nottingham Girls High School

Every now and then the pupils of the High School for Girls have a non uniform day to raise money for local good causes.  Pip Flewitt, one of the leaders of our West Bridgford Open Voices project and ex head of 6th form at the school thought she would put a good word in for the Open Voices project and especially highlighting the need of the Ash Lea Special School. This school regularly sends a minibus of eager teenagers to our Tuesday meeting but find it hard to cover the transport costs. This morning we have just heard the good news that the High School for Girls has raised £300 to help us subsidise those costs.  Thank you to all those ‘non-uniformed’ girls and to Pip for putting a good word in for Open Voices.

EOES have the final word!

Yesterday afternoon the Nottingham Philharmonic Orchestra gave a wonderful performance of Holst’s Planets.  Those of you familiar with the work will know that the final movement, Neptune, requires an offstage ladies choir – enter the sopranos and altos of EOES to provide 3 mins of atmospheric, ethereal singing which is meant to fade into the distance!  Situated out of sight in the stairwell of the Albert Hall, the choir, on cue, started singing the extremely challenging choral score and the fade was achieved by gradually walking down the stairs into the foyer whilst still singing. The effect – magical!

  • And finally…
    Just under a hundred young string players had a great time at our Stringwise course and concert last weekend! Amongst the rehearsals, the younger ones also enjoyed some clapping games while the older ones had a great workshop on Bhangra music with Ann-Marie Shaw.


More pictures coming soon!

Have a good week!

Your friends at MfE.



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