#MfEMonday – Fireworks!

With Bonfire Night just hours away, we’d like to take you back to the year 1749 and the first performance of Handel’s Music for the Royal Fireworks which was a disaster and success at the same time. The excitement built up so much that around 12,000 people flocked to the performance in Green Park, causing a traffic jam that closed London Bridge for several hours! It also (predictably for this country) rained for the outdoor performance so most of the fireworks refused to light and the few that did caused the staging to catch fire! However, not put off by this, Handel went on to re-score it for a later indoor performance, incorporating strings (the King had insisted it only be for percussion, brass and wind originally) and to this day, remains one of his most famous works. Have a listen

If fireworks and bonfires aren’t your thing, why not stay inside and have your own Guy Fawkes celebration by listening to six of the best pieces of music based around fireworks: http://www.classical-music.com/article/six-best-pieces-music-firework-night

If you would prefer a calmer night in, Classic FM are providing an evening of music from 7pm designed to keep pets (and their humans) relaxed from the scary fireworks #petsounds.

  • Speaking of unforgettable music, the Nottingham Philharmonic Orchestra (featuring the EOES ladies), will be performing The Planets by Holst in their next concert, complete with visual displays from the University of Nottingham School of Physics & Astronomy. This is not to be missed on Sunday 17 November at 3pm in the Albert Hall. Tickets are available online (trch.co.uk) and accompanied children under 16 can come for free!

Have a good week!

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