#MfEMonday – Benefits of Music

During this half term when all of our regular rehearsing groups are taking a well-earned rest, here in the MFE office we’ve been thinking about some of the reasons people participate in music-making. And some of the less well-known benefits.

Studies show that listening to and participating in music has an effect on overall well-being, help regulate emotions, and create happiness and relaxation in everyday life.

For example –

  • Favourite tunes keep you calm
  • Mood music makes you eat less
  • Inspiring instrumentals improve your mental focus
  • Good music soothes and relaxes your blood vessels
  • Group singing makes you happy
  • Playing an instrument protects brain sharpness in later life
  • Music classes make children more cooperative
  • A mellow playlist eases road rage
  • Your work will get done faster
  • Your stress levels will go down

In fact, the list of benefits goes on and on. So, we are all very fortunate to have music in our lives. All the more reason to spread the word about all the opportunities MFE offers for both participating in and listening to music. Why not put a post on Facebook or tweet all your contacts about why you enjoy music so much? You might be surprised by the positive responses you get!

  • Why not take a look at our new Friends and Patrons page on our website? https://www.music-for-everyone.org/friends-and-patrons/ It would be great if you would consider joining the growing number of Friends and Patrons. Every donation makes a real difference to the various activities we offer. We’d love to welcome you as new member.

Have a good week!

Your friends at MfE.



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