With the Paralympics coming to a close, this month we have a look at music and musicians at the Paralympics.

Japanese violinist, Manami Ito, undoubtedly brought the 2020 motto ‘United by Emotion’ to life in her show-stealing performance at the opening ceremony in Tokyo, and this isn’t even her day job!  After losing her right arm in motorbike accident at the age of 20, Manami went on to defy the odds by not only becoming the first amputee nurse in Japan and competing as a swimmer in the 2008 and 2012 Paralympics, but thirteen years after her accident, with a new lightweight prosthetic arm and a specially made prosthetic bow, returning to playing the violin!


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Our regularly rehearsing youth groups meet again from this week! If you know of any young musicians who are looking for an opportunity to join a group, please tell them about our FREE Come & Try sessions which are happening next week, see the flyer for more details.

  • At Bookwise Nottingham, we have acquired from donations a lot of Sacred and Secular Sheet Music for various groups of singers from Unison to SSAATTBB Single Choir with some Double Choir pieces. We are unable to sell them in the shop due to lack of space to display them. Some individuals whom I have met at MfE courses have taken some in the past. However, due to lack of storage space in the shop to store the music, we would like to offer the music to any interested groups or individuals, free of charge, asking them to make a donation to Bookwise Nottingham in return.
  • This offer will be open to anyone interested, MfE members, friends or acquaintances,  up to October 16th when it is planned that the remaining items will be brought along. After that time, the music will be recycled. MfE have had access to the music, but it is surplus to their requirements. If you would be interested in seeing a list of the music, please contact me: Jane McDermott, Voluntary Music Manager at Bookwise Nottingham, E mail: jachmcd@gmail.com.

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