Do you know Tim Peake, or someone who might know him?

Imagine Major Tim Peake sending a message or song from space to MfE’s Vocals children. Wouldn’t it be amazing? tim-peake_3528246bWe need your help to make it happen.

On the principle of 3 – 6 degrees of separation between one person and another on (and off, in Tim’s case) the planet, you could well be able to contact him more directly than MfE tweeting him over and over (poor man). He probably gets many requests and might not know about the awesome work of Music for Everyone, and how singing and science are coming together for the youngsters in the next 10 days.
dreamstime_l_27523004background removed copy1smallIf you know someone who might know someone who might know someone else who might know Tim Peake, could you set a chain of contacts going to see whether we can reach him? There will probably be a Mars Bar or a Milky Way, and definitely our undying admiration and gratitude, for anyone who achieves our dream.

The children start rehearsing Reach for the Stars this weekend, and the concert of exciting space themed music is the following Sunday, 15 May, 3.30pm at the Albert Hall. It will also feature the amazing Mad Science, so do come along for a stunning, starlit, inter-galactic concert of music and entertainment. Tickets available here. Advance booking recommended.