To my granddaughter, Hannah, I leave my diamond rings…

To Music for Everyone I leave the means to transform lives through music…


Why Music for Everyone needs legacies

Many of us received a legacy in our childhood – the gift of music experienced in our school, our church, our chapel. That legacy is no longer so widely available to young people and Music for Everyone exists to bring the experience of making music together, of singing and playing, to young and old alike.

For over thirty years Music for Everyone (first known as the Nottingham Choral Trust) has been self-sufficient and has not relied on public money for its support, but there are many more activities we would like to do to enrich people’s lives through music that our day-to-day income just cannot cover.

Gifts can be in the form of cash, property, land and precious objects (jewellery, art, antiques, furniture, cars, shares, bonds). Books, especially whole libraries, could be sold in our Bookwise shops.

Perhaps you have been a beneficiary of Angela Kay’s inspired life work over the past three decades, now recognised with an MBE. Legacy giving is a way of expressing your gratitude to her by helping her work continue and expand. You could of course give a Living Legacy now, and enjoy seeing it being put to good use immediately.

What a legacy from you could achieve

There is really no limit to our ambition for music-making, so your gift, small or jaw-dropping in size, can be put to good use by Music for Everyone.

At the upper levels of our dreams could be a performance and rehearsal centre of our own (we are talking hundreds of thousands of pounds), but a really substantial legacy could lever in grants and other gifts that could make this dream a reality.

At the other end of the scale, a ‘living legacy’ gift of £100 could buy a set of music for one of our youth groups or you might have a quality musical instrument you could donate to the Paul Redfearn Instrument collection, for loan to a young musician.

Here are some more ideas to stimulate the imagination:

  • £1,000 would buy a new portable electric piano.
  • A piece of antique furniture such as a grandfather clock could be sold to fund the composition of a new piece of music for one of the MfE groups.
  • Leaving your caravan to us could establish a bigger library of music for our performances and loan to others.
  • £5,000 could establish a fund to support those unable to pay our course fees.
  • Should you be fortunate enough to own a holiday cottage, leaving it to MfE could fund a new artistic staff post for many years.

Contact us

If you have already made a will, your solicitor will confirm that it’s a straightforward matter to add a codicil covering a further wish. If you have not made a will, you will need to do so. We can provide an easy step-by-step guide to help you.

MfE’s contact for the legacy scheme is Graham Johnson. Graham will be pleased to help by sending you more information or having a chat on the phone or in person (with no obligation). Telephone 0115 958 9312 or e-mail graham@music-for-everyone.org.