Donate to the Founder’s Artistic Development Fund

In 1983 Angela Kay created the charity which today we know as Music for Everyone. In her honour and to show our lasting appreciation of her remarkable contribution to music-making, MfE has set up a special fund in her name, The Founder’s Artistic Development Fund.
The idea of starting this fund came from Angela herself and means a lot to her. For 40 years she has worked tirelessly to create ever more original, enabling and exciting opportunities for musicmaking. She would love to have your support for this fund, which will help to sustain innovation and artistic excellence in the work of MfE into the future.
The fund will be administered by the MfE Trustees in collaboration with Angela herself. Examples of how it might be used include establishing and equipping new groups, imaginative initiatives in youth music, etc. It will be an ongoing fund which we expect to continue to grow, year after year.