Big Youth Singing Experience


Everyone (adult or youth) is welcome to turn up to any of the events, concerts and workshops to take part!

Full information can be found at the Albert Hall throughout the weekend.

Music for Everyone look forward to seeing you there!


Saturday: singers aged 12 upwards Sign up here!

1pm – 4pm: Gospel workshop

5pm – 6pm: Choir rehearsal (joint with orchestra)

Repertoire to include: Gospel singing and ‘Light of the Seven’ from Game of Thrones

Musical Director: Freddie Kofi
Award winning Gospel artist

About the workshop: Fun. Creative. Challenging. Driven and underpinned by the unique harmony structure that helps define this genre, [award winning British gospel music artist] Freddie Kofi, invites us to a Gospel music workshop that goes beyond the notes to help singers create and capture the emotion and empathy in the story of a song. From Traditional to Contemporary Gospel, to uplifting, emotive classic songs, the Gospel Choir workshop aims to introduce all who attend to new approaches and techniques to singing and challenge singers to step out of their comfort zone, to learn new ways of bringing a song to life.

Sunday: BIG FAMILY SING – children and young people accompanied by an adult or two Sign up here!

Download a form here

1.30pm – 3.30pm: Singing workshop

A fun singing afternoon designed for all the family! Children aged 5 upwards with their mums, dads, carers, grandparents, aunts and uncles – the whole family, friends too! Come and enjoy an afternoon singing together and then give an informal concert at the Albert Hall at 4pm.

Musical Director: Helen Hayes – Experienced choral animateur and vocalist